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Trash Collection in PSL Will Be Cut-Back to Once-a-Week and It Will Be Automated

auto trash pick-up.jpg
Photo courtesy City of Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie - Thursday May 12, 2022: In September trash collection for the residents of the City of Port St. Lucie will be cut back to once-a-week, instead of the twice-a-week service they're supposed to be getting now from Waste Pro, which has had troubling fulling that obligation.

The City is still in the process of negotiating agreements with two new providers who will replace Waste Pro less than four months from now. PSL and Waste Pro are still in court over a breach of contract dispute. Thousands of residents have filed complaints about the service Waste Pro has provided.

The Port St. Lucie Solid Waste Task Force recommended once-a-week trash pickup pickup in order to keep collection fees for residents low. A news release from the city notes that once-a-week service is already widely utilized by many other Florida cities including, Stuart, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Tallahassee, Cape Coral and Gainesville, among others. The Solid Waste Task Force is an advisory group of City residents whose members have solid waste experience.

Whay once a week.png
Image provided by the City of Port St. Lucie

In addition, the City has announced that the new trash collection service will be automated. That means that the trash trucks will have mechanical grips that will lift up the trash carts from the side of the road and tip them into the truck's hold.

In preparation for the changes, the City is planning to deliver new 96-gallon trash carts to all PSL households in August. The new 96-gallon carts hold up to seven, 13-gallon garbage bags, which is about three times more than what the currently deployed trash carts can hold. And it's about the number of bags that most households throw out now with the current twice-a-week service.

However with the new service, all trash must fit into the new carts, and the lids must be closed in order for the automated pick-up process to work.

PSL garbage can fit to automated service.jpg
Image courtesy City of Port St. Lucie

The new black trash bins are similar in design to the current green recycling carts. They have a wide-grip handle, two large wheels and a cart lid to keep water out and odors in. The carts are designed to keep garbage secure from animals and adverse weather, they should decrease litter spilling into the street and make garbage collection safer and more efficient.

Residents can request a smaller 64-gallon cart by filling out an online form on the City’s website at: www.CityofPSL.com/solidwaste or call 772-871-1775 to make your request. However the city asks that you make your request for a smaller trash bin before June 10 to allow sufficient time to order the correct number and size of carts.

Those who want the larger 96-gallon cart don't have to take any action.

The 96-gallon and 64-gallon carts are now on display at City Hall, 121 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd., and St. Lucie West Services District, 450 SW Utility Drive, Port St. Lucie, during regular business hours for residents who would like to see them in person.

PSL Garbage carts.jpg
Photo courtesy City of Port St. Lucie

If a resident lives in an HOA and they regulate the placement and size of garbage carts, residents are asked to reach out to their HOA to confirm the size of the cart the HOA will require for their neighborhood.

For more information about what’s next for the City of Port St. Lucie’s solid waste collection service visit: www.CityofPSL.com/solidwaste.

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Photo courtesy City of Port St. Lucie