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MCSO: 75 Year Old Charged With Killing Neighboring Couple; Says He's Sorry He Lost His Temper

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Martin County Sheriff

Martin County - Monday December 5, 2022: Martin County Sheriff’s Detectives have charged 75-year old Hugh Hootman with two counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of his neighbors, 81-year old Ginger Wallace and her husband, 81 year old Henry Wallace.

Hootman is accused of shooting and killing the couple Saturday afternoon at the Cedar Pointe Condominium Complex on East Ocean Boulevard in Stuart. The Wallace's lived in the condo below Hootman.

"I lost my temper"

According to the affidavit of arrest, when Officers arrived on the scene they found the couple on the walkway outside their apartment. Hootman was taken into custody without incident.

Hootman told detectives that Henry Wallace had gone to his unit several days prior to the shooting and yelled at a woman who answered (the woman's name was redacted), complaining that the community laundry room door had been left open. Hootman said Wallace "cussed and yelled" at the woman and "made her very upset."

Hootman said he ran into Wallace at the community mailboxes Saturday and asked Wallace to apologize, but Hootman said Wallace ignored him and pushed past him.

Hootman told the detectives - "I lost my temper."

Hootman was armed with a 9mm pistol and he pulled it out of his right pocket and "shot Henry Wallace two times in the chest," states the affidavit. Then Henry's wife Ginger came out of the apartment and "started yelling and screaming." Wallace said he then "raised his pistol again with both hands and fired two more shots art Ginger Wallace."

Hootman had a concealed weapon permit and and he told the detectives that he normally carries his 9mm pistol in his pocket for protection.

"So sorry, wish I could take it back," stated Hootman to the detectives. The affidavit also states that Hootman wrote an apology letter, but that was not released.

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