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Breeze Airways Announces 20 New Routes to Florida This Fall, Including a New Flight From Vero Beach to Islip New York

Breeze Airways
Breeze Airways

Florida - Wednesday October 4, 2023: Before the end of this year, Breeze Airways is adding 20 new routes to Florida from 13 U.S. cities, that includes an additional new flight from Vero Beach to Islip New York. Islip is on Long Island's south shore, about a 2 hour drive to New York City.

According to the Breeze Airways website, service to Islip begins on December 21 with fares starting at $405 roundtrip. This will be the fourth flight Breeze flies to and from Vero Beach. The carrier already provides service to Hartford, Connecticut; White Plains, New York; and Providence, Rhode Island out of the Vero Beach Regional Airport.

The airline says it will be providing three times more service to Florida than last year. In 2022, Breeze flew 492 flights to and from the Sunshine State, connecting 21 city pairs. This year, the airline will operate 1,402 flights, between 51 city pairs -- an increase of 185 percent.

Breeze now serves seven destinations in Florida from 19 cities across the US, with service to Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota/Bradenton, Tampa, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach.

In addition Breeze is now appealing to Canadian travelers after adding flights to and from Plattsburgh, New York, referred to by some as Montreal’s U.S. Airport because of its proximity to that Canadian City. Montreal residents have long crossed the border to secure lower air fares,

“With our expansion in Florida, Breeze now offers the most Florida destinations from six cities in our network” said Tom Doxey, Breeze Airways’ President. “And we’re excited to welcome new snowbird Guests from Montreal soon too.”

Breeze announced 19 of the new flights in a news release last month. The addition of Islip was announced this week.

  • Portland, ME – Orlando, FL (started September 6);
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC – Tampa, FL (started September 7);
  • New Orleans, LA – Orlando, FL (starts September 22);
  • Charleston, WV – Tampa, FL (starts October 4);
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Tampa, FL (starts October 5);
  • Columbus, OH – Tampa, FL (starts October 6);
  • New Orleans, LA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 2);
  • Norfolk, VA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 2);
  • Providence, RI – Vero Beach, FL (starts November 2);
  • Providence, RI – Jacksonville, FL (starts November 3);
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);
  • Portland, ME – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);
  • Richmond, VA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);
  • Akron-Canton, OH – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);
  • Columbus, OH – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);
  • Louisville, KY – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 17);
  • Syracuse, NY – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 17);
  • Plattsburgh, NY – Orlando, FL (starts November 28);
  • Islip, NY - Vero Beach Fl. (starts December 21)