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Guardians of Martin County Issue a 'Call to Action' Over Proposed Calusa Ranch Development

The Guardians of Martin County

Martin County - Monday November 27, 2023: The Guardians of Martin County has issued a 'Call to Action' over the proposed Calusa Ranch development.

Next week on Tuesday, December 5th the Martin County Commission is scheduled to consider two new requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan for Rural Lifestyle Zoning (RLZ) land use to accommodate the proposed development.

The changes will allow the 3,900+-acre tract outside the Urban Service District to be developed. The area is located on both sides of Kanner Highway near the western terminus of Bridge Road. Part of Calusa Ranch is adjacent to the St. Lucie Canal. The Calusa Ranch does not have access to municipal water or wastewater services.

In a news release the Guardians call the proposed project a "turkey" and they say there "appears to be a rush to get this approved."

The environmental group, whose aim is to preserve the rural character of Martin County, finds it "incredulous" that County planners don't think the project will result in an increase of traffic on Kanner Highway, and won't create urban sprawl either.

CLICK HERE to download and review the Staff Report for Calusa Ranch Comp Plan Text Amendment

To date, the Guardians say their requests to require permanent conservation easements on open land, that would not otherwise be protected, have been ignored.

The request is for:

1. 175 homes, two golf courses, 24 golf course cottages and dormitory housing for staff support;

2. Multi-slip docking facilities on the St. Lucie canal;

3. A general store;

4. To extend RLS Developments to 6,000 feet from the USD for parcels over 3,000 acres (Indiantown excepted).

The Guardians says that County staff have made the determination that these Rural Lifestyle Zoning (RLZ) changes would allow Calusa revenue-generating “support establishments” such as a spa, a racquet club, a gym, event facilities, a marina, amongst other possible projects.

Guardians of Martin County