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FWC: Second Pink-Tagged Bass Caught in FWC’s TrophyCatch Program

Bruce Doolittle Sr.
Bruce Doolittle Sr.

Florida - Sunday June 30, 2024: Earlier this week, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) TrophyCatch program announced the first pink-tagged bass of the season was caught and released by an angler fishing in Lake Rochelle.

While fishing Porter Lake last week with his son, Bruce Doolittle Sr. caught a pink-tagged bass – the second tag of this trophy bass fishing promotion and the first from this lake!

“It was pretty exciting for me, you know 68 years old, finally broke the double-digit mark. I’ve only been a resident of Florida for probably three years, and I’ve been trying hard,” said Doolittle. “And the great thing about it to me is that [Porter Lake] is where my son caught his first double-digit fish and that’s where I caught mine! There is nothing like Florida fishing!”

Since this bass was the first pink-tagged fish from this waterbody, Doolittle will receive $1,000 to AFTCO Fishing Apparel & Tackle, a $1,000 check from TrophyCatch’s Pink Tag sponsor, 888-BOAT-LAW and $500 gift card from Bass Pro Shops.

There are still pink tags swimming in four locations across the state, some of which have multiple prized bass in their waters. The locations include Lake Lochloosa, Lake Beauclair, Lake Okeechobee and the Northwest Winter Haven Chain of Lakes (includes Lake Jessie, Lake Idylwild, Lake Hartridge, Lake Conine, Lake Rochelle, Lake Haines, Lake Smart and Lake Fannie).

Could you be the next lucky angler to catch a pink-tagged bass? The 12th season of TrophyCatch pink tag promotion ends on Sept. 30. There are also other prizes available for fishing these special waterbodies and any ‘Pink-Tag Chaser’ who submits an approved TrophyCatch from one of the five pink-tag waters could win a pair of Bajío Sunglasses. Learn more on

To claim their prize, lucky anglers landing a bass with a pink tag must cut and keep the tag and follow the submission instructions on the TrophyCatch website.

Your participation in TrophyCatch helps the FWC better understand and conserve Florida's freshwater fisheries and informs priority work in managing trophy bass. For more information about the TrophyCatch program, email KP Clements at