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Training Columbian Police and Alleviating the Nursing Shortage

LinkedIn and StaffHealth
The Dean of IRSC’s School of Public Service Education-Raimundo Socorro; and the Co-Founder of Matthew Mawby

Fort Pierce - Friday August 26, 2022: This week on In Focus with IRSC Public Media, a conversation with the Dean of IRSC’s School of Public Service Education, Raimundo Socorro.

Socorro designed a training program for a group of visiting Columbian police officers. His program was chosen by the U.S. State Department to conduct the kind of urban police training sought by the Columbian Government. He’ll tell us about the type of jungle policing the Columbians are used to, and the new urban policing techniques they’re learning at IRSC. We’ll also hear from the team leader of the Columbian Officers, Colonel Jorge Pinzon.

Learn more about the IRSC School of Public Service on the Treasure Coast Public Safety website at:

Then an interview with Matthew Mawby, the Co-Founder of – a national, full-service healthcare staffing & recruitment agency that’s working with the State of Florida’s nursing shortage council to fill the gap and help provide short term nursing staff to health care providers in the state.

Mawby talks about some of the causes of the nursing shortage here in Florida and elsewhere, and what StaffHealth is doing to help relieve the shortage.

Find out more about StaffHealth on their website at: