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Wed Aug 15, 2018 PLACES IN THE SKY: JULY



Can you identify the second largest constellation in the sky? It is bordered on the north by Bootes the Shepherd and Coma Berenices; on the south by Hydra the swamp monster and Corvus the Crow; on the west by Leo the Lion and Crater the Cup; and on the east by Libra the Scales and Serpens Caput. Planets have been discovered orbiting many of its stars, and a huge cluster of galaxies lies within its borders. In mythology this star figure is associated with the planting and harvesting seasons, and often portrayed as Persephone, daughter of the earth goddess Demeter. Sometimes this constellation represents Astraea, Winged Justice, who holds the scales of law, the constellation Libra. Tonight the waxing crescent moon can be found above its brightest star, Spica. Can you name this constellation, the sixth sign of the zodiac? The answer is Virgo the Maiden.