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Treasure Coast Essay

Should we call them flutter-bys?

The great annual migration of butterflies from northeastern North America to Mexico is nearing an end.  But in the southern half of Florida, we can see a lot of butterflies all year round.  Like many humans, they love the warm weather in the winter months and decided to stay.  People on the Treasure Coast have a special affection for butterflies.  LaPorte Farms in Sebastian has opened a butterfly house.  Visitors can walk through carrying cotton swabs doused with grape juice to attract the winged creatures.  At the Oxbow Eco-Center in Port St. Lucie, a Junior Butterfly Club meets the second Thursday each month to work on a butterfly garden.  Members of Stuart’s Willoughby Garden Club have created a butterfly garden at the Salvation Army of Martin County’s Compassion House, a transitional shelter for women.  Butterflies feed on nectar from flowers.  So you can create your own butterfly garden with milkweed, lantanas, penta and fire bush.  Did you know Florida has an official state butterfly?  It’s the Zebra Longwing.  “Butter” in the word butterfly probably comes from “beater,” as in something that beats its wings.  Anyway, I think they should be called flutter-bys.  Don’t you?  For 88.9 FM, this is Paul Janensch.