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Fatal Crashes on Florida Roads Are Increasing, FHP Urges Residents to Drive Smart

Photo courtesy Florida Highway Patrol
A Florida man driving drunk sped through a hit and run investigation early Sunday in Dade City, nearly striking two deputies.

Florida - April 18, 2022: Fatal traffic crashes on Florida roads are on the increase. They began rising during COVID, even though there was less traffic on the roads, and they have continued to increase as Covid fades. Florida Highway Patrol is concerned and calling on residents to drive smart.

Two fatal crashes over the weekend highlight the dangers on the roadways.

On Saturday in Tavares a 20-year-old Florida man passed a car in a no passing zone causing a head on collision that killed two children in his car and injured eight other people. On Sunday a 23 year old drunk driver sped through a fatal hit and run investigation that was already under way. The driver was traveling at a high rate of speed, ignored warnings to stop, and ran over the detached legs of the hit-and-run victim.

FHP Public Information Officer Sgt. Steve Gaskins says the troopers on the scene were nearly hit. “We have this impaired driver coming through the crash scene and destroying evidence, nearly striking troopers and deputies," said Sgt. Gaskins. "It’s a reminder of the dangers of the job that law enforcement encounters every day.”

When Covid first hit 2 years ago traffic volume decreased, but the number of serious injury and fatal accidents rose. Now, even as Covid wans and traffic volumes increase, the trend of fatal accidents continues. Last year there were 3,707 fatal traffic crashes on Florida roadways.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website: https://www.flhsmv.gov/traffic-crash-reports/crash-dashboard/https://www.flhsmv.gov/traffic-crash-reports/crash-dashboard/

“We’d been below 3-thousand for quite some time now, 3-thousand per year across the entire state. And now we’re back over that 3-thousand threshold," said Sgt. Gaskins. "So you’re looking at the last 2-years being higher numbers of fatal crashes, and that is absolutely concerning to us.”

Sgt. Gaskins urges drives to drive smart. “Put the phone down and pay attention, keep you’re hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. And if everybody drives smart then we’d have much safer highways.”