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August 23 Florida Primary Election: The Fried-Crist Showdown is the Key Contest

Treasure Coast - Monday August 22, 2022: The key race in Tuesday's Primary Election is a contest between democrats. Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried and Congressman and former Governor, Charlie Crist, are vying for the democratic nomination for Governor. The winner will face off against Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in November.

A University of North Florida poll last week found Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried leading her rival Charlie Crist by roughly four percent.

In Miami Monday morning Fried expressed confidence in the outcome.

I have no doubt that after tomorrow evening that I will be our democratic nominee for Governor," said Fried. "I have been in the trenches, taking on Ron DeSantis, and if democrats want to win in November, I am our only shot.”

Congressman Charlie Crist held a final news conference with reporters Monday afternoon where he too expressed confidence and, despite the polls, he made the case that he’s the better candidate.

“Experience," said Crist. "I think experience and electability. I’ve won three statewide races. I actually have served as Governor before, as Attorney General, and a real champion for civil rights in that office. I am confident, but never complacent, and I’m just looking for the conclusion of the primary, and God willing, moving on to the General Election.”

However Crist’s main focus was on republican Governor DeSantis.

Taking on DeSantis is not going to be an easy task," he said. "With what he’s done, his stunt with Andrew Warren, the state attorney in Tampa; what he’s done with LGBTQ kids, what he’s done with Walt Disney World, what he’s done with the woman’s right to choose, what he’s done with African American voters. The list just goes on and one and one. It’s heartbreaking.”

For Fried, the biggest issue she said, is a woman’s right to choose. “And you better believe that a woman’s right to choose is on the ballot tomorrow and on the ballot in November. There is a distinction between myself, my primary opponent, and Ron DeSantis. And we are going to win, with women. We know that women are willing to cross over and support a democratic female who is one-hundred percent pro choice.”

Polls are open across the Treasure Coast and Statewide at 7 am until 7 tonight. The outcome should be known not long after,