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The Relief and Recovery Effort Has Begun

Helicopter footage from the Collier County Sheriff's Office
Collier County Sheriff
Helicopter footage from the Collier County Sheriff's Office

Florida - September 29, 2022: The relief and recovery effort has begun. State and federal resources are flooding into the disaster zones across Florida to provide what’s needed for the communities that have been devastated by Hurricane Ian.

Portable cell towers have been brought in to provide communication and a huge supply of food and water is also on hand said the Governor. “We also gotta just stabilize the area with these key services. So, we got a huge amount of resources that have been brought to bear to be able to do that. And we’re going to continue to do that and this is going to be a 24-7 operations.”

FP&L has deployed about 20-thosuand crews across the state to help restore power said CEO Eric Silagy. “We did not lose one single transmission tower. So that is critical. We have about 1.2, million customers that are out of power, but we have been able to restore over 700-thousand customers."

SEE video of some of the devastation on the Collier County Sheriff's Facebook page HERE>

However Silagy acknowledged that "there is some destructed areas that simply cannot be repaired and they will have to be re-built. Unfortunately, there are also homes and businesses that will not be able to safely take the power.”

The Florida Disaster Fund has been established by the Governor’s wife, Casey, to support the communities devastated by Hurricane Ian. “We can take those resources and micro-target them and get them directly to the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re going to cut through any red tape and bureaucracy because we know those people need those funds and they need help.”

Over $2 million dollars has already been contributed to the fund since the storm struck. To make a contribution go to