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PSLPD: Scammers Steal More Than $78,000 From 4 Victims

Port St. Lucie: Wednesday October 19, 2022: Over the last two weeks the Port St. Lucie Police Department (PSLPD) has seen an increase in cryptocurrency ATM scams which resulted in criminals stealing more than $78,000 from 4 victims.

In each case the victims were contacted by phone or via messages on the computer. The thieves pretended to be federal law enforcement agents, or fraud investigator. They threatened the victims with arrest unless they withdrew large amounts of cash from their bank accounts and deposited the funds via a QR code into nearby cryptocurrency ATMs.

The criminals used a spoofed phone number and typically stayed on the phone causing the victims to panic and comply. They also directed 2 of the victims to send $22,000 in gift cards to them.

Port St. Lucie PD reminds residents that no legitimate government agency or business will ever call and demand payment in gift cards or direct that cash be sent through a cryptocurrency ATM. Don’t fall victim to this scam. Immediately hang up the phone.