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Simple Tips to Save Water During the Holiday Season

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Florida - Saturday December 17, 2022: This holiday season, you may be hosting holiday gatherings, preparing delicious feasts, washing extra dishes, and welcoming friends and family.

Did you know there are many ways you can incorporate water conservation into your holiday preparations and reduce the amount of water used around your home?

To help you use less water during this time of year, consider implementing these simple water saving tips:

• Defrost food in the refrigerator, instead of under running water. It's safer for your food and saves up to four gallons of water per minute.

• Rinse vegetables in a bowl of water, then reuse that water for house plants.

• Turn off water to lather while washing your hands.

• Fill your dishwasher and washing machine completely before running them. Avoid handwashing dishes when you can.

• Put food scraps into the trash rather than the sink's garbage disposal. Or better yet, compost.

• Double check that your irrigation system and rain sensor are functioning properly. Many South Florida grasses require less or even no water from sprinkler systems in the winter months.

It’s important to stay water smart – even during the holidays. Conserving water year-round can save you money and is an integral part of managing and protecting South Florida’s water supplies today and for future generations.

For more tips and resources to help you reduce your water use this season, and all year long, visit: https://SFWMD.gov/WaterConservation.