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Governor Announces Extension of Gulf Red Snapper Season to 70 Days

The Florida Channel via WMBB

Florida - Friday May 5, 2023: In Panama City Thursday Governor DeSantis announced the extension of the 2023 Gulf red snapper recreational season to 70 days, the longest combined season since the state assumed management of the red snapper.

The season includes both a 46-day summer season and a 24-day fall season. The 46-day summer season will begin on June 16, 2023, and will run through July 31, 2023. The 24-day fall season will include all weekends in October and November, Friday–Sunday.

Those fishing from private recreational vessels in state and federal waters in the Gulf and charter vessels without a federal reef fish permit that are limited to fishing in state waters will be able to participate in the 2023 Gulf red snapper season.

“Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World, and the gulf red snapper season brings anglers from across the country to enjoy our waters,” said Governor DeSantis. “It is a generational tradition for so many who call Florida home.”

“Gulf red snapper season is one of Florida’s most iconic fishing opportunities, and anglers look forward to it each year,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Acting Director Dr. Thomas Eason. “We want to thank Governor DeSantis, the Legislature, and our recreational anglers for their investment in the State Reef Fish Survey that has provided the science to allow these additional days for harvest in Gulf state and federal waters this season.”

If you plan to fish for red snapper in state or federal waters from a private recreational vessel, even if you are exempt from fishing license requirements, you must sign up as a State Reef Fish Angler (annual renewal required) at

Red Snapper season dates:

  • October 6–8
  • October 13–15
  • October 20–22
  • October 27–29
  • November 3–5
  • November 10–12 (Veterans Day Weekend)
  • November 17–19
  • November 24–26 (Weekend after Thanksgiving) 

Governor DeSantis also announced he would be approving $17 million in the Fiscal Year 2023–24 budget to support continued oyster restoration efforts in Apalachicola Bay.
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