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PSLPD: Shoplifters Caught, $15K in Stolen Merchandise Recovered

27-year-old Asia Philmore and 26-year-old Jacquilla Morris

Port St. Lucie - Wednesday May 10, 2023: 27-year-old Asia Philmore and 26-year-old Jacquilla Morris, both of South Florida, have been arrested on shoplifting charges after Port St. Lucie Police (PSLPD) recovered over $15,000 of medicine, beauty products and toiletries in the suspect’s stolen rental vehicle

PSLPD Officers responded to a reported retail theft at the Walgreens on SW Prima Vista Blvd in Port St. Lucie where the pair were apprehended "in the store while still in the act," according to a release from PSLPD. The suspects had already filled up their tote bags once with stolen merchandise, and they had returned to the store for more when they were caught inside.

They merchandise recovered had been stolen from multiple Walgreens and CVS locations throughout the Treasure Coast.

Philmore and Morris were jailed on two counts of felony grand theft and two counts of felony retail theft.

PSLPD Detectives are working closely with other law enforcement agencies to identify all the stores where the merchandise was stolen from. Additional criminal charges will be forthcoming, states the release.