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Martin County: Deputies Search for Dogs Abandoned Roadside by Motorist; Search for Driver Who Dumped Them Ongoing


Martin County - Thursday May 11, 2023: This past Sunday at least four dogs were dumped roadside by a motorist who left them in a dark, heavily wooded area of Martin County. The driver took off leaving the animals to fend for themselves.

Once alerted to the incident by concerned residents, Martin County Sheriff Animal Service Officers spent hours in the heat walking miles in search for the animals over the past few days. The terrain in the area is rough and its crossed by canals.

One of the dogs was recovered by a passing motorist, a second dog was recovered in very poor condition earlier Thursday. Unfortunately, a third dog was hit and killed by a vehicle before it could be rescued.

The dogs appear to be Pitbull and Great Dane mixes.

A release from the Martin County Sheriff's Office states that the two dogs that have been recovered so far are in a safe place, and they're being treated for issues related to their abandonment.

It is not known exactly how many dogs were thrown from the vehicle, but the Sheriff's Office says that Animal Services Officers Amanda Heffron, Tabitha Queen, Shannon McGee and Supervisor Karen Kneubehl, will continue to their search for the fourth dog, and any others that might have been dumped in the area.

MCSO has not released the exact location of this incident, for concern that civilians, with nothing more than good intentions, will attempt to search on their own, putting their own lives in danger due to traffic, heat, and other dangerous elements in the area.

However, you can help if you have any information about a person on the Treasure Coast, or in a surrounding county, that may have dumped these dogs, you are urged to call the Martin County Sheriff's Office at: 772-220-7000.