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St. Lucie County Memorial Day Reminder - Bonfires, Fireworks Prohibited on Beaches, It's Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

St. Lucie County - Monday May 29, 2023: As Memorial Day weekend approaches, St. Lucie County’s Code Compliance staff reminds residents and visitors that bonfires and fireworks are prohibited on county beaches, especially on Hutchinson Island during the summer sea turtle nesting season, which runs from March 1 – Nov. 15.

Hutchinson Island’s 21 miles of coastline are designated as critical nesting grounds for endangered and threatened sea turtle populations, including Loggerhead, Green and Leatherback Turtles.

While the sale of fireworks is legal in Florida, St. Lucie County’s Code Compliance staff asked that residents not shoot fireworks over St. Lucie County beaches as the debris from these explosives leaves behind trash on our public beaches, while the flashes and loud sounds disturb wildlife.

Additionally, residents and visitors are reminded to keep a clear path on the beaches for turtles to nest and baby sea turtles to make their way out to sea.

  • Beach furniture should not be left on the beach overnight because of the dangers of entanglement.
  • Sand castles should be knocked down to prevent sea turtle entrapment or injury.
  • Walton Rocks Beach is the only dog-approved beach in St. Lucie County and dogs should be closely monitored to not dig up sea turtle nests. Additionally, if dogs (or children) do dig at the beach, please make sure the holes are filled in.
  • Keep the beaches litter free.
  • During nesting season, exterior light sources directly visible from the beach or illuminating areas seaward of the primary dune must be redirected, shielded or turned off between sunset and sunrise.
  • If you walk the beaches at night or at dusk or dawn, refrain from using flashlights or use low-light or lens-covered flashlights.

If anyone observes sea turtle nest poaching or harassment of sea turtles on the beach, please call 911 or the Florida Fish and Wildlife hotline at 1-888-404-FWCC.
For additional tips about keeping our beaches sea-turtle friendly and to see the progress on nesting numbers, visit: