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Special Session Ends Sooner Than Expected; Regular Session Set to Start January 8

Florida - Thursday November 9, 2023: The Florida Legislature wrapped up a special session Wednesday afternoon in a largely symbolic effort to support Israel in its war with Hamas while Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis runs for president.

The Special Session was initial set to run through Thursday midnight, but the Florida House made quick work of it Tuesday approving four measures, and the Senate did the same Wednesday afternoon bringing the Special Session to a close.

The bills passed include the unanimous approval of a resolution condemning Hamas for the October 7th attacks on Israeli citizens and expressing support for Israel's right to defend itself. Also approved with no opposition were bills to provide $45 million in grants to secure Jewish institutions and other places that could be a target of hate crimes.

DeSantis and Republican House and Senate leaders called for the special shortly after the Hamas attacks.

Lawmakers also voted to strengthen sanctions already in place against businesses that do business with Iranian companies, as well as measures to provide hurricane recovery money and expand a program to allow developmentally disabled students attend private school with taxpayer money.

DeSantis has campaigned on his support for Israel. The Legislature passed the measures hours before he took part in last night's GOP presidential debate in Miami.

The Legislature begins its annual session at 10 a.m.Monday, January 8, 2024.