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St. Lucie County Closes Down the Temporary Public Information Phone Lines Now That Its Computer Network is Coming Back Online

Andrew Gardner -

 St. Lucie County - Thursday November 9, 2023:  The temporary public information phone lines set up by St. Lucie County in the wake ofthe network crash two weeks ago were discontinued as of 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon by the County's Public Safety Department.

Overall, staff answered more than 700 calls from the public on the temporary phone lines over the past two weeks, however, the call volume has decreased in recent days.

The regular phone numbers have been restored and are working now that the Board of County Commissioners’ computer network is being brought back online.  

The main computer network for the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners was taken offline by staff following suspicious activity on the county’s servers on Friday October 27th.

A full cyber-forensic audit is still being worked on by the county’s Information Technology staff and consultants.  It may be completed by next week.

St. Lucie County Public Information Officer Erick Gill reports that additional information about St. Lucie County’s network outage will be provided once the forensic audit is complete.