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Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency Launches Second Round of Mural Program Applications

City of Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce - Wednesday December 12, 2023: The Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency (FPRA) has launched the second round of applications for its Mural Program. The program aims to enhance the cultural vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of Fort Pierce by showcasing the talents of local artists in public spaces. 

The inaugural Mural Program transformed several unremarkable building facades in the Peacock Arts District (PAD) into captivating works of art. FPRA has now invited local artists to take part in the second phase of the project. 

The Mural Program helps beautify the city and it contributes to the community's visual identity. It also provides a platform for local artists to display their creativity. By fostering a sense of pride the program helps re-affirm FPRA's mission to revitalize and celebrate the unique character of Fort Pierce.

FPRA has invited artists interested in taking part in the second phase of the program to visit the city’s website at: There they can fined the official application form and learn the guidelines for submitting a proposed mural design.

 The Mural Program provides an avenue for the community's vibrant artistic expression, and it contributes to the continued revitalization of Fort Pierce.

A video was made highlighting the first series of Peacock Arts District (PAD) murals. The video is now posted on YouTube and can be seen here:
The video captures the essence of Fort Pierce's community spirit, and it showcases the talent of local artists who have made many of the City's neighborhoods unique.

The video highlights the unveiling of the PAD murals and includes interviews with the artists, and footage of them at work.

PAD Mural Collage 2022-2023