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Fort Pierce Unveils "Next Stop Fort Pierce" Podcast

City of Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce - January 24, 2024: The City of Fort Pierce has announced the launch of its new podcast, "Next Stop Fort Pierce."

The series is dedicated to keeping the community informed about the advantages that a Brightline train stop could bring to Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, and the entire Treasure Coast region.

The "Next Stop Fort Pierce" podcast will delve into the potential positive impacts of having a Brightline train stop within city limits. From bolstering economic development and creating job opportunities to enhancing connectivity and fostering community growth, each episode will shed light on the transformative benefits that a Brightline stop could offer. 

To hear the "Next Stop Fort Pierce" podcast, visit:

In the upcoming episodes, listeners can expect to hear from local experts, community leaders, business owners, and residents who will share their insights and perspectives on how a Brightline train stop can contribute to the continued progress and prosperity of Fort Pierce. 

Mayor Linda Hudson expressed enthusiasm about the podcast, stating, "Next Stop Fort Pierce is a fantastic initiative to inform and engage our community in the discussions surrounding the possibility of a Brightline train stop. We believe that this podcast will serve as a valuable resource for residents to gain a deeper understanding of the positive impact such a development could have on our city and the broader region." 

The podcast episodes will also be available on the City’s social media platforms. Among them:

Residents are encouraged to tune in, stay informed, and actively participate in the conversation.