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PSLPD: Douglas Thompson Arrested After More than 60 Pounds of Meth is Found in His Car

Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson

Port St. Lucie - Wednesday January 7, 2024: Port St. Lucie Police have arrested 25-year-old Douglas Thompson from Texas who they say was carrying more than 60 pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs in his car.

Thompson was pulled over last week on Wednesday after PSLPD Officer Natalie Mastrangiola noticed that the left tail light on on his 1968 Ford Galaxy car was not working, and the driver appeared to be having difficulty staying in his lane of traffic.

Officer Mastrangiola could smell the strong odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle. After confirming the driver did not possess a medical marijuana card, she conducted a search of the vehicle and found:

  • 17 vacuum sealed bags containing powdered methamphetamine (64.05 lbs )
  • 47 containers containing THC gummies (10.45 lbs)
  • 14 individually packaged sheets of THC wax
  • 22 grams of cannabis
  • Metal grinders containing cannabis
  • A smoking glass bong containing cannabis residue

Thompson was booked into the St. Lucie County jail on a $106,000 bond.