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VIDEO: Law Enforcement Task Force Raids Alleged "Inhumane Slaughter House" in Fort Pierce

Sheriff Keith Pearson and ARM investigator Richard Couto

St. Lucie COunty - Wednesday February 14, 2024: A Task Force of county, state, and federal agencies executed an animal rescue operation this morning at what authorities are calling an inhumane slaughter house in Fort Pierce, located at 200 Godwin Road.

Richard Cuto, an investigator with the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) says his volunteer organization learned about the slaughter house last year and he says they spent about 6-months "undercover" at the slaughter house collecting evidence which they presented to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office. 

Sheriff Keith Pearson, holding a baby lamb, and Cuto appear in a video posted on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. In that video Cuto says all the animals at the slaughter house are in the process of being seized and taken to the ARM sanctuary where they will be cared for.

The owners of the property have not yet been named. No information was provided, an no word on whether any arrests have been made.

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