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St. Lucie County Reminds Residents and Visitors to Practice Beach Safety

 St. Lucie County - Thursday February 22, 2024: St. Lucie County is reminding residents and visitors use caution when digging in the sand, especially with young children in areas where erosion has caused escarpments, or cliffs, along the shoreline.

These escarpments can easily cave in, trapping and suffocating children and adults.

In addition, as we get closer to sea turtle nesting season, which begins in March and runs through November, residents and visitors alike are also reminded to fill in any holes dug in the sand and knock down any sandcastles to avoid any obstacles for sea turtles to make their way on and off our shoreline.

This winter’s heavy winds have increased the risk for rough surf and rip currents.

Beachgoers are encouraged to swim at beaches where lifeguards are stationed. Those beaches are:

  • Pepper Park Beach, 3375 N Hwy A1A on North Hutchinson Island,
  • Waveland Beach, 10350 S Ocean Drive on South Hutchinson Island

Residents can also get the latest beach conditions by calling the St. Lucie County Beach Conditions Hotline at 772-462-1421. St. Lucie County’s Ocean Rescue Lifeguards update the hotline every day by 11 a.m.