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St. Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller Encourages Citizens to Claim Over $1.2 Million in Unclaimed Funds

SLC Clerk

St. Lucie County - Tuesday March 5, 2024: St. Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller Michelle Miller is urging citizens and businesses to check if they are owed a share of the $1,263,777.14 in unclaimed checks.

The unclaimed monies range from small amounts, even pennies, to substantial sums of up to $219,000.

The list includes about 200 individuals entitled to restitution payments and bonds and it's an opportunity for those individuals to retrieve funds that rightfully belong to them.

Miller encourages anyone who thinks they are owed funds to visit the St. Lucie County Clerk's official website to learn if they, or their business is among those owed money.

"We want to ensure that every citizen has an opportunity to claim what is rightfully theirs," said Miller in a news release. "By taking a few moments to visit our website, individuals can discover funds that could potentially make a difference in their lives."

To check if you have unclaimed funds, visit the St. Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller's official website at: The website has a user-friendly interface where individuals can search for their name or business to determine if they are among the rightful recipients of the unclaimed funds.

For further inquiries or assistance, contact the St. Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller's office at (772) 462-6900 or visit: