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Project R.O.C.K South - An Alternative Educational Program for Students Suspended from School

Project R.O.C.K

Port St. Lucie - March 6, 2024: Project R.O.C.K. South offers an out-of-school alternative educational program for youth who have been suspended from their schools.

Project R.O.C.K. South is partnered with the St. Lucie County School District and funded by the Children Services Council of St. Lucie County.

Project R.O.C.K. South recognizes that out-of-school suspension can often exacerbate existing issues and hinder academic progress. Instead of viewing suspension solely as a punitive measure, our program re-frames it as an opportunity for intervention, growth, and positive change. By addressing the root causes of behavioral issues and providing tailored support, we aim to foster a culture of inclusivity, accountability, and academic achievement.

The program is provided free of charge to St. Lucie County school students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Students who attend Project R.O.C.K. South receives full credit for their school assignments and attendance during their suspension period. The St. Lucie School District provides breakfast & Lunch at no charge.

The student will receive a completion certificate upon program completion, which must be submitted to the school for credit. Student registration can be completed online or in person by their parent or guardian. A suspension letter or referral notice from the school is required for enrollment.

The program is designed to revolutionize student success and empower suspended youth. The initiative aims to provide a supportive environment and educational resources to students during periods of suspension.

Project R.O.C.K. South was launched over 20 years ago after an unfortunate incident occurred; a male student who was suspended for ten days was walking to the corner store and was fatally shot. This caused a community uproar. Leaders in the community united in one to form a haven for suspended students to retreat to a safe, nurturing environment.

Key features of the Out-of-School Suspension Program

1. Schoolwork & Assignments: To ensure continuity of learning, students will have access to laptops to complete their assignments from school. Students will have the opportunity to connect with the school district website to retrieve schoolwork & communicate with teachers when needed.

2. Mentorship and Counseling: While the student attends our program, we provide one-on-one support and guidance to students, offering a safe space for expression, reflection, and problem-solving. Through regular check-ins and supportive relationships, students will receive encouragement, guidance, and tools to navigate challenges effectively.

3. Interactive Workshops/Seminars: As a part of the Project R.O.C.K. South, Inc. program, we collaborate with community agencies that visit our site and host interactive workshops/seminars with the students. This will offer opportunities for students to engage in various real-world educational topics such as Conflict Resolution, Drug Use, Bullying, Peer Pressure, Financial Literacy, Anger Management, Truancy, Self-Esteem, & HIV/STD Prevention. By facilitating these workshops, we aim to foster a sense of social responsibility beyond the classroom in the students. 

4. Family Involvement and Support: Recognizing the importance of family engagement in student success, Project R.O.C.K. South will collaborate closely with parents and guardians to assist them & their students in the right direction. 

In addition to our Out-of-School suspension program, Project R.O.C.K. South Inc. facilitates free math and reading tutoring every Thursday: math from 6 pm to 8 pm & reading from 6 pm to 7 pm. Our tutoring classes are available for students in grades 1-12. Project R.O.C.K. South currently has a wait-list for free math & reading tutoring classes. However, parents are still encouraged to sign their students up. 

To support Project R.O.C.K. South, donations can be made at:

For more information about Project R.O.C.K. South, visit:

You can also call or email:

Office: 772-237-5723
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