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Stuart Police Department - Don't Block the Intersections!

Stuart Police Department
Stuart Police Department

Stuart - Thursday March 7, 2024: The Stuart Police Department is reminding drivers that it is against the law to drive into an intersection and block it knowing you can not advance any further during periods of heavy traffic.

Lane closures resulting from roadwork along the U.S. #1 corridor in Stuart have caused an increase in vehicles blocking several intersections during peak traffic hours.

The intersections with the most occurrences are U.S. #1 at Kanner Highway and U.S. #1 at Johnson Avenue.

Blocking the intersection is a violation of Florida State Statute 316.1945, and not only does it violate traffic law, it’s extremely aggravating for other drivers.

Stuart PD advises drivers at an intersection with a green light, when they see that traffic on the other side is backed up, do not be continuing into that intersection until you know there is enough space on the other side.

If you decide to chance it and end up getting stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red, you will also chance getting a ticket.