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Fort Pierce Solid Waste: Place Your Trash Cart Correctly to Ensure Pickup

Prashanth Bala -

Fort Pierce - Friday March 8, 2024: The City of Fort Pierce is reminding residents that trash carts must be correctly placed at the curb in order to enure that the automated arm on the garbage trucks can pick up your cart.

In an effort to minimize missed pickups, Fort Pierce Solid Waste urges residents to follow these steps when taking your trash cart out to the curb on pickup days:

Cart Placement:

• Timing: Place carts at the curb the night before your service day or by 7 AM on your service day.

• Spacing: Position your container at least FIVE FEET away from any object such as a tree, pole, fire hydrant, mailbox, car, or electrical box.

• Distance between Carts: Maintain a consistent distance of FIVE FEET between waste and recycling containers.

• No Leaning: Do not lean anything against the container.

• Avoid Obstacles: Keep your cart away from low-hanging tree branches.

• Curb Placement: Position carts within two feet of the curb.

• Orientation: Ensure the arrows on the lid of the container face towards the street, with the handle towards your house, and keep the lid closed.

• Refer to Lid Instructions: Placement instructions are also provided on the lid of your cart.


• All garbage should be in plastic bags placed inside the city-issued cart to keep it clean and prevent items from blowing away during emptying.

• Avoid overloading the cart or placing items on top of it. The lid should be completely closed, not overflowing. Overfilled carts may not be collected.

• Automated trucks cannot pick up extra garbage bags placed on the ground next to the garbage carts. Extra bags will be collected on your bulky collection day.

For more information visit the city's website at

City of Fort Pierce