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Florida GOP Sen. Scott Revises His Hard Line Opposition to Abortion, Adopting Trump's New Position on the Issue - "Let the States Decide"

Senator Rick Scott
2019 Official portrait
Senator Rick Scott

Florida - Wednesday April 10, 2024: Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott this week joined the ranks of other Republican incumbents scrambling to revise their positions on abortion saying he now thinks the issue should be left up to individual states.

Rick Scott, who previously posted on his X account that if he were Governor he would have signed the six-week bill that is now the law in Florida, and on Tuesday he told the Washington Post he plans to vote against the November ballot initiative in Florida that, if approved, would allow abortions until viability. However, he told the paper that he thinks former President Trump is right, the issue should be left to the states. Trump's new stance on abortion differs from positions he has previously taken.

Scott is seeking reelection this fall. He is just one of a number of senators who followed former President Donald Trump's lead in softening GOP messaging on abortion.

The GOP revisions come in the aftermath of the Arizona Supreme Court's decision to uphold a 1864 law criminalizing all abortions in that state, except for when the woman's life is at stake.