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USDA: April Citrus Forecast - Florida Down, Other States Up

Clusters of oranges on orange trees. Photo taken 02-02-21
Tyler Jones/UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones
UF/IFAS Communications
Clusters of oranges on orange trees. Photo taken 02-02-21

Florida - Friday April 12, 2024: The U.S. Department of Agriculture Thursday forecast a 5% decline in Florida Orange production, from 19.8 million boxes the agency predicted in its March forecast to 18.8 million boxes in April.

The 1 million box reduction is expected to occur in the late-season Valencia variety, which has fallen to 12 million boxes, according to a report in Florida Citrus Industry This Week.

51% of the Valencia crop had been harvested as of late March and the fruit size is below the average, requiring 271 pieces to fill a 90-pound box. Final droppage however was measured at 50% which is above average. The non-Valencia harvest is complete.

  • Florida grapefruit forecast dropped 9% from 2.2 million boxes in March to 2 million boxes in April
  • Florida red grapefruit dipped from 1.9 million boxes to 1.75 million boxes
  • Florida white grapefruit forecast dropped from 300,000 boxes to 250,000 boxes.
  • Florida tangerines and tangelos is unchanged at 500,000 boxes.

As of late March, 97% of red and white grapefruit rows had been harvested.
There were several positive forecast changes in other citrus-producing states.

In Texas, the all-orange crop forecast rose from 950,000 boxes to 1.1 million boxes. There were increases for both Valencia and non-Valencia oranges. The Texas grapefruit forecast climbed from 2.35 million boxes to 2.6 million boxes.

California’s grapefruit forecast rose from 3.8 million boxes to 4.1 million boxes, and its lemon forecast climbed from 20 million boxes to 22 million boxes.

The Arizona lemon forecast rose from 900,000 boxes to 1.05 million boxes.