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Governor Signs 3 Bills Into Law


Florida - Thursday June 27, 2024: Governor DeSantis Signs has signed the following three bill into law:

1. HB 799 – Easements Affecting Real Property Owned by the Same Owner: The bill provides that a landowner may create a valid easement, servitude, or other interest that affects his or her own land (that is, notwithstanding a “unity of title”). The bill conforms the law on easements and servitudes to modern practices and customs where such easements are commonly created in advance of subdividing property. The bill applies to existing easements or servitudes but does not reinstate an easement or servitude that is invalid for reasons other than unity of title.

These provisions take effect upon becoming law.

Vote: Senate 34-5; House 113-1

To view the Governor's transmittal letter to the Legislature approving this bill click here

2. CS/CS/HB 1063 – Chiropractic Medicine: The bill expands the scope of practice for chiropractic medicine to include treating the human body through the use of monofilament intramuscular stimulation, also known as dry needling, for trigger points or myofascial pain.

The bill requires the Board of Chiropractic Medicine to establish minimum practice standards, specific education and training requirements, and restrictions on such practice. The bill authorizes the board to take specified actions at the request of a chiropractic physician, creating exceptions to the dry needling practice standards and education requirements by authorizing the board to waive some or all of the educational requirements if a chiropractor presents satisfactory proof of having completed coursework that constitutes adequate training for dry needling.

The bill also gives the board the authority to recognize chiropractic physician applicants for licensure if they provide a credential evaluation report from a board-approved organization that deems the applicant’s education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by an institutional accrediting agency recognized and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. The effect of this change is to create a licensure pathway for chiropractic physicians to practice in Florida when they obtained their bachelor’s degree at a non-U.S. educational institution of higher education.

The bill takes effect upon becoming law.

Vote: Senate 40-0; House 114-1

No transmittal letter was provided for this measure.

3. SB 674– United States-produced Iron and Steel in Public Works Projects: The bill requires a governmental entity that contracts for a public works project or for the purchase of materials for a public works project to ensure that any iron or steel product that will be permanently incorporated into the project be produced in the United States.

The bill waives this contract requirement if the governmental entity determines that any of the following apply:

  • The iron or steel products required for the project are not produced in the United States in sufficient quantities, are not reasonably available, or are of an unsatisfactory quality;
  • The use of US-produced iron or steel products will increase the total cost of the project by more than 20 percent; or
  • Compliance with the requirement is inconsistent with the public interest.

A governmental entity may allow a minimal use of foreign iron or steel materials in the project, if they are ancillary to the primary product and the cost of the materials does not exceed 0.10 percent of the total contract cost, or $2,500, whichever is greater.
These provisions do not apply to contracts procured by the Florida Department of Transportation that are subject to the federal Buy America requirements.

The bill requires the Department of Management Services to develop guidelines and procedures by rule to implement the bill.

These provisions take effect July 1, 2024.

Vote: Senate 38-1; House 103-9

To view the Governor's transmittal letter to the Legislature approving this bill click here.