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Top Stories: Eurozone Crisis, 'Occupy Oakland,' Afghan Strategy

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Greek Prime Minister Under Pressure To Resign.

-- Jobless Claims Dip Below 400,000.

-- Cain Allegations: The Latest Developments.

-- Occupy Oakland Strike Turns 'Chaotic'.

Other top stories of the morning include:

-- "U.S. Explores Faster Afghan Handover." ( The Wall Street Journal)

-- "House Republicans Make Cross-Party Pitch To Embolden Eebt 'Supercommittee.' ( The Washington Post)

-- "MF Global Has Customer Shortfall Of $633 Million," Commodity Futures Trading Commission Says. ( Bloomberg News)

-- "Obama Administration Mulled Solyndra Bailout Days Before Company's Demise."( The Hill)

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