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WQCS Radio Reading Service

How Does the Service Work?

Listeners need a special pre-tuned or closed-circuit receiver to hear the broadcasts of the Radio Reading Service. The receivers are about the size of a standard portable radio, and are permanently tuned to the Radio Reading Service. A qualified client can obtain one of these receivers at no cost. They are distributed on loan by the WQCS Radio Reading Service, and may be used by the listener as long as they are needed or enjoyed! If they are no longer needed, we ask that they be returned so that someone else can benefit from the service.
How to Get a Receiver:

You can request an application by calling 772-462-7815. You can also request a radio by printing the form here and mailing it to us at WQCS Radio Reading Service, 3209 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34981. For eligibility, an individual must be blind, visually impaired, physically impaired, or print impaired for a specific reason. Once the application is returned, arrangements will be made for the receiver to be sent to the listener.  Our Radios are re issued as they are returned so please expect a wait.

Who Qualifies for a Radio?

A person must qualify and then apply to be a Radio Reading Service listener. A potential listener must get an application filled out by a doctor, rehabilitation therapist, social worker, or other health care professional. The purpose of the application is to certify that the person has a disability qualifying him to be considered as print-handicapped.

The reason for the inability to read standard print is usually vision related. But other physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, severe arthritis, or a stroke, may also prevent an individual from holding printed material. A person who is illiterate and never learned to read does not qualify as a listener. It is the hope that these individuals would instead seek out literacy services in their community.

How Can I Help?

The WQCS Radio Reading Service is staffed by volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include on-air reading, prerecorded reading, and general office support. To volunteer you must complete an application, and additional arrangements will be planned accordingly. If you would like more information or would like to set up an interview,  email Joe Lenartiene at jlenarti@irsc.edu

The Florida Legislature has eliminated all funding for the Radio Reading Service program and WQCS must now run things on a “Voluntary” Basis. The state of Florida says The funds will go to the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to support a telephone dial up reading service called NFB-NEWSLINE.  Anyone who cannot read printed newspapers due to vision loss, dyslexia, or a physical disability is eligible to receive NFB-NEWSLINE. You can call the National Federation of the Blind directly toll-free at 1 (866) 504-7300 to request an application. You may also download an application at the NFB website, nfb.org.