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Top Stories: Clinton To Visit Myanmar, Syria To Accept Arab League Monitors

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- 'Flickers Of Progress' Prompt Plan For Clinton To Visit Myanmar.

-- Robert Wagner Supports New Look Into Natalie Wood's Death.

-- Tea Party And Occupy Members Find Common Ground In Memphis.

-- Syracuse Assistant Coach Put On Leave After New Accusation.

-- New Tests Support Claim That Speed Of Light's Been Broken.

Other stories making headlines include:

-- "Syria 'To Accept' Arab League Monitoring Mission."( BBC News)

-- New Italian Prime Minister "Easily Wins Lower House Confidence Vote." ( Reuters)

-- "Tax Spat Stymies Debt Panel."( The Wall Street Journal)

-- "Gingrich Think Tank Collected Millions From Health-Care Industry."( The Washington Post)

-- " As The Protest Ends, What Now For Occupy Movement?"

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