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PSL City Council Authorizes Negotiations to Begin With Chosen Bidders Seeking to Replace Waste Pro

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The Solid Waste Task narrowed the bidders down to 5, although one of the bidders has already said they can not make the September deadline to begin service.

Port St. Lucie - Wednesday April 28, 2022: The Port St. Lucie City Council on Wednesday authorized negotiations to begin with the bidders seeking to replace Waste Pro as the City’s solid waste provider.

The City and Waste Pro are still in court over a breach of contract complaint. Waste Pro is seeking termination because they have haven’t been paid. The City says they won't pay for services Waste Pro has not provided. Over the past year the city has received thousands of complaints from residents over Waste Pro’s failure to pick up their trash.

The Solid Waste Task Force narrowed the bidders down to 5 and sought permission to begin negotiations. The Council unanimously agreed, although one of the bidders has already said they can not make the September deadline to begin service and they're expected to drop out.

“It’s important to remember this is just to authorize staff to move forward with negotiations," said Mayor Shannon Martin, "Once that occurs, and they’re ready to bring that back to the Council, then we’ll be talking more about costs depending upon what’s negotiated.”

Population growth and the demand for solid waste service had already prompted the City to create a Western and Eastern zone that will be serviced under 2 separate contracts. Of the 5 bidders now under consideration, two submitted bids to service both zones. Bid prices cannot be revealed at this stage in the process however Budget Office Director Caroline Sturgis said the cost of service was not the primary factor under consideration.

“The committee did not go with the lowest price as the goal for best value," she said. They were more "focused on the depth of the proposals, the level of details made available in the project approach, the transition plan, the supplier’s ability to meet the cities compressed schedule, and the anticipated level of service that the city would receive."

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Image courtesy City of Port St. Lucie

The contract with waste pro ends in September, but contracts for the two zones have to be in place before then because time is needed to distribute the trash bins to the city's 81-thousand residential and business customers, routes have to be set and drivers hired.

It’s hoped negotiations will be completed with final recommendations presented to the city council for approval by the end of May.

“This is the most important thing we’re doing as your city government right now," said City Manager Russ Blackburn. "Having solid waste services available in September is the most important thing we have to do.”

Read the Release from the City of Port St. Lucie in Full below:

PSL to begin negotiations with solid waste collection companies

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – City Council has authorized the City Manager to negotiate with four companies for contracts to provide solid waste collection services for the City of Port St. Lucie.

With the new service, Port St. Lucie will be divided into two waste collection service zones, east of Florida’s Turnpike and west of the turnpike. The City received a total of five proposals from companies seeking a contract to collect garbage, recycling, yard and bulky waste in either the eastern zone, western zone or both. The new service will begin in September when Waste Pro’s contract ends three years early, following many months of extremely poor and inconsistent waste collection in the City.

City Council on Wednesday authorized staff to enter into negotiations with FCC Environmental Services Florida, Inc. and Coastal Waste & Recycling of Florida for the western zone. For the eastern zone, staff is authorized to negotiate with Republic Services of Florida, Goode Companies, Inc., FCC Environmental Services Florida, Inc. and Coastal Waste & Recycling.

This issue is scheduled to be brought back to City Council within approximately 30 days.

“An incredible amount of hard work and thought has gone into this process so far, and we are taking these steps in order to move forward to provide our residents with consistent and reliable service,” Port St. Lucie Mayor Shannon Martin said. “This is an extremely important issue, and we want to do what’s best for our City’s future.”

Beginning in September, garbage, recycling and yard waste will each be collected once a week on a designated day. Bulky waste will be collected once a month on a designated day. The City will utilize automated collection, where garbage will be picked up mechanically by a truck, the same way recycling is currently collected.

Automated service and dividing the City into two zones will streamline collection and provide consistent service for our growing City. These were both recommendations from the City’s Solid Waste Task Force, an advisory group of City residents with members that had solid waste experience. To achieve a cost-effective rate for new solid waste service, the Task Force also recommended the once-a-week pickup. Once-a-week pickup is utilized by many Florida cities including, Stuart, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Tallahassee, Cape Coral and Gainesville, among many others.

To keep up to date on solid waste issues in Port St. Lucie, visit: https://tinyurl.com/j9adc44p.