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IRSC Awarding Over 12-Hundred Degrees to Graduating Students this Week

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Fort Pierce - Indian River State College (IRSC) is awarding over 12-hundred degrees to graduating students this week in a two-day ceremony that began Thursday.

IRSC President Dr. Timothy Moore let it be known that graduation is a celebration. "Graduates, it’s not about the diploma, it’s about that moment when you’ve arrived and you look down and see the joy that you’ve created in your family, your circle, that your achievement today means so much to them. Celebrate that with vigor.”

Dr. Moore spoke with pride about the students who persevered and earned a higher degree, like mother who this week is graduating with her son, and the 17-year-old dual enrollment student, who was encouraged by IRSC faculty to research electric motor vehicles, and is now heading off to MIT with a full scholarship. “That special something in this college is our students, your stories, your perseverance," said Dr. Moore. "These stories are inspiring, these stories now come to be part of our story as a college. You see graduates your what makes this place special.”

This week’s 12-hudred graduates are only part of the story. Throughout this academic year, Dr. Moore said IRSC will award nearly 27-hundred bachelor and associate degrees, and 13-hundred other students are earning technical and workforce certificates, advanced technology diplomas and GEDs.

“Folks, education is the great equilibrator of life. The ability to believe in yourself, that you can achieve anything, and that with education, hard work and perseverance you can achieve the American dream," said Dr. Moore. "So, in closing, I just want to say I hope you take great memories, fond friendships with you as you begin your life’s journey, we’re so proud of you. And remember, you are what makes this college, the best damn college in America.”