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In Focus - with IRSC Public Media

Indian River Counties finest artists and Indian River Counties finest fruit are featured this week on In Focus.


This week on "In Focus", Viva Foca, an exhibit featuring the paintings of Indian River Counties most prominent artists. FOCA is a local group pf art lovers who gather with like-minded others to visit artists' studios, attend lectures by experts, and visit museums that focus on art and artists of today. This art series of events runs 12/3 - 12/30

On the second portion of "In Focus", we talk about United Way’s annual Citrus Sale event that is scheduled for November 29 through December 3rd. “For over 25 years, our local citrus houses have donated to our mission. It’s a partnership we greatly appreciate and look forward to offering this fundraiser to the public annually,” said Sydney Mihailoff, Relationship Development Manager. All proceeds benefit the programs and services supported by United Way Indian River County.