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Understanding Your TRIM Notice and Hunger Action Month

Michelle Franklin and Gary Porter
Michelle Franklin and Gary Porter

Fort Pierce - Friday September 2, 2022: This week on In Focus with IRSC Public Media, we speak with Michelle Franklin, the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser.

TRIM notices went out to all County residents a few weeks ago, that’s your property tax notice. TRIM stands for "Truth in Millage". In 1980, the Florida Legislature passed the TRIM Act. The law was designed to inform taxpayers which governmental entity is responsible for the taxes levied and the amount of tax liability taxpayers owe to each taxing authority.

Michelle will help us understand those TRIM notices and explain what you can and cannot do to challenge the amount you owe.

Learn more about the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser on their website at:

Then we hear from Gary Porter, the Director of Community Relations for the Treasure Coast.

September is Hunger Action Month nationwide. Gary tells us about all the events the Food Bank has lined up for this month to raise funds to help feed the need throughout the Treasure Coast, and the need remains great.

Learn more about the Food Bank's activities this month on their website at: