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Digging for Dinosaurs and How You Can Give a Ruck

Sean Reif -Jimmy Lee Jackson and his wife Karen.jpg
Sean Reif (L); Jimmy Lee Jackson and his wife Karen

Fort Pierce - Friday September 9, 2022: This week on In Focus with IRSC Public Media we welcome Sean Reif, the Co-Founder and Director of Leap Lab Florida.

Leap Lab builds thriving communities through a network of science centers that teach self-reliance by engaging like-minded people in challenging projects. One of those projects is a Paleo Lab in the high plains of Wyoming.

Reif is working with Indian River State College on a plan to recruit a small group of IRSC students and take them up to a ranch on the Lance Formation outside Lusk Wyoming to dig for dinosaurs, and bring some of them back to IRSC for display. Some day, with sufficient interest and funding approval, the hope is to create a Paleo degree program here at IRSC.

Learn More about Leap Lab Florida on their website at: https://www.leaplab.org/copy-of-california.

Then we'll talk with Jimmy Lee Jackson, a veteran of the War on Terror whose been through some tough times since returning from the battlefield. As a result, he founded an organization to help veterans, as well as the growing homeless and impoverished community, many of whom are also veterans.

The name of his organization is "Do You Give a Ruck?" Jimmy will explain how he came up with that name and what their goals are.

He'll also tell us about the 2nd Annual Family Fun Ruck that takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.this Saturday, September 10th at the IRSC Pruitt Campus in Port St. Lucie.
This one-mile walk for all ages will benefit DDS4VetS, Sarah's Kitchen and scholarships for IRSC Veteran students.

Learn more about "Do You GIve a Ruck?" on their website at: https://www.doyougivearuck.com/.