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Liberia's Bicentennial and Caring for Children


Fort Pierce - Friday October 14, 2022: This week on In Focus with IRSC Public Media we welcome Jerome Gayman, the President of the Grand Bassa County Association of North America.

The Association will be celebrating the Bi-Centennial of Liberia with a symposium here on the campus of Indian River State College on Friday October 28 and a gala dinner at the Pelican Yacht Club on Saturday October 29th. Jerome will tell us about that, and about Liberia, the African country where he was born and the unique story of its founding back in 1822.

Learn more about the Grand Bassa County Association and their Liberia Bicentennial celebration at:

Then we talk with Gigi Suntum, the Executive Director of Caring Children Clothing Children, otherwise known as the 4-C’s. They got started more than 25 years ago providing clothing to school aged children, for free.

Gigi will tell us how they got started making a difference in children’s lives and about their annual fundraiser, the 26th Annual Caring Children Clothing Children Golf Tournament on October 22.

Learn more about 'Caring Children Clothing Children' on their website at: