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WQCS Fall Schedule Changes


First, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the WQCS listener programming survey over the past few weeks.  Each of your submissions was individually read and helped us make some minor adjustments to our schedule.  The program Live From Here was recently retired, which opened a few hours on our weekend schedule.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to add a new program to our weekday lineup, ThinkThere have also been requests for some popular weekend programs to make appearances on our schedule during the week.  Below are some of the changes you’ll hear on WQCS, starting this weekend:

Jazz On The Treasure Coast:  With the cancellation of Live From Here, Rodney Spencer’s Jazz On The Treasure Coast will expand to two hours, and be heard Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 9pm.  You told us this Jazz program would be an excellent pairing with Dick Golden’s American Songbook, which remains at 8pm on Saturday.

Sunday:  The replay of Live From Here at 3pm on Sunday will be replaced by Fresh Air Weekend and Planet Money/How I Built This, which were previously on after Sunday’s airing of All Things Considered Weekend.  This allows a block of News and Conversation on Sundays from 8am all the way until 6pm.  Radio Memories, showcasing some of your favorite old-time radio shows, will now be heard at 6pm.  And fans of Sunday Baroque no longer need to set their alarm for 3am on Sunday morning, as WQCS will offer the program at 7pm on Sunday.

BBC World:  For early risers during the week, we wanted to provide some additional News programming.  You can now hear BBC World at 4am Monday through Friday, leading in to NPR’s Morning Edition at 5am. 

Weekdays at 9am:  Friday’s broadcast of the TED Radio Hour at 9am has always been quite popular, so we have decided to feature some additional popular programs during that hour throughout the week.  Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! will move from its Noon slot on Monday to 9am, so as not to interrupt our Classical Music block.  Tuesday at 9am will feature the New Yorker Radio Hour, Wednesday at 9am brings the popular trivia show Ask Me Another, and you can spend your Thursday with Travel with Rick Steves.

Think:  WQCS is proud to add a new daily program to our lineup at 2pm.  Think with Krys Boyd is a live, hour-long show that features conversation and in-depth discussion from across the globe.  Think is one of the most successful public radio programs that originates from the middle of America, and offers a chance to hear voices from outside of LA, NYC, and DC. 

WQCS will continue to provide NPR News Updates and Breaking News as it happens, plus Special Coverage of Press Conferences, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates, and Election 2020.  We also remain committed to the Classical Music programming that has been a staple on WQCS for decades, with almost 60 hours of Classical Music during the work week.  We hope to have more opportunities to feature Classical Music in the future. 

We believe these small adjustments to our schedule will enhance your listening experience, and we always welcome your feedback at comments@wqcs.org.  For a complete grid listing of our new schedule, visit www.wqcs.org.  Thank you for your support and your listenership through what has been a challenging 2020.