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Treasure Coast Essay

Our own queen of Latin pop

A certain Vero Beach couple are getting a lot of media attention these days.  They are Gloria Estefan, the 56-year-old queen of Latin pop music, and 60-year-old Emilio Estefan, her partner in music, business and – for 35 years – marriage.   She is on the cover of the current issue of AARP magazine, aimed at readers 50 and older.  They were recently profiled by People magazine and are getting the spotlight on various websites, such as the Huffington Post.  On August 4th, television viewers could see the Estefans interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in their Vero Beach oceanfront home.  The one-hour show, recorded in May, ran on Oprah’s cable channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network.   Oprah stayed for three days in the penthouse suite of the Estefans’ Costa d’Este Beach Resort in Vero. All this publicity is keyed to Gloria’s new album and the possibility of a Broadway musical.  The jazz-influenced album is called The Standards and comes out next month.  The Broadway musical would be based on Gloria’s life.  Both she and Emilio were born in Cuba.  In 1990 her back was broken when their tour bus collided with a semi-trailer truck in Pennsylvania, and Emilio helped her to recover.  I wonder if Vero Beach will figure in the musical.  For 88.9 FM this is Paul Janensch.