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Help wanted at Piper

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about the good news out of Piper Aircraft.  The company has been building general aviation planes in Vero Beach since 1957 and is now owned by the Government of Brunei.  Business is good, and the company is again hiring, according to the 32963 weekly newspaper.   Profits are twice what they were a year ago.  Piper said it is hiring about 10 people a week.  Among those needed are aircraft workers, sheet-metal workers and welders.  Just two years ago, Piper announced job cuts.  As of August 11, the work force of 762 was slightly higher than it was before the reduction.  The turnaround is largely due to sales of its high-end M-Class line of  single-engine corporate turboprops.  Want one?  The M-600 costs 2.8 million dollars.  I’m Paul Janensch.