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Manatees are dying in record numbers but all hope is not lost, you can help these gentle giants survive and thrive.

Racheal Tennant and Bob Lynch of the Manatee Center

This week’s guests on Treasure Coast Happenings are Racheal Tennant and Bob Lynch of the Manatee Center as we discuss the Seagrass Restoration Project. The goal is to create a habitat as the Florida manatee population is in peril. A record-breaking 905 manatees were found deceased so far in 2021, many sick or starving from lack of natural food sources in the Indian River Lagoon. Manatees eat as much as 120 pounds, or 10% of their body weight, in aquatic vegetation every single day.

The seagrass restoration project will be monitored for three years following installation in Spring 2022. Funds raised will also support sending environmental educators into the community to teach about this important project. Visit the Manatee Center at 480 North Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce, or call 772-429-6266 to learn more.