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The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity

Dr. William G. Anderson
Dr. William G. Anderson

To celebrate Black History Month, Indian River State College hosted Dr. William G. Anderson, D.O. for a fireside chat and Q&A with the Treasure Coast community. Dr. Anderson is one of the nation's last living links to the Original Six of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Founder of the Albany Movement in Georgia in the 1960s, and elected the first African American president of the American Osteopathic Association in 1994, Dr. Anderson began his professional career in the practice of medicine and surgery in Albany, Georgia, as a family physician. During this time, he founded and led the Albany Civil Rights Movement, which spearheaded the Civil Rights Movement in Southwest Georgia. In this role, Dr. Anderson worked closely with other leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and Mrs. Rosa Parks, to advance the health and general well-being of all the residents of his Albany community.

IRSC Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean of the Northwest Center, Adriene Jefferson, interviewed Dr. Anderson and moderated questions from event attendees.

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