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Volunteers Give New Horizon’s Outpatient Clinic a Makeover

Work Day Volunteers.jpg
Photo courtesy Lisa Rymer
Okeechobee Workday 2022 volunteers from Christ Fellowship Saturday Serve, Luviano Roofing, Okeechobee Livestock Market, and New Horizons staff.

Okeechobee-April 1, 2022: In an ongoing effort to improve mental health services and facilities in Okeechobee, the New Horizons office at 1600 SW 2nd Avenue received an interior makeover, thanks to the volunteers at Christ Fellowship Saturday Serve, Luviano Roofing, Okeechobee Livestock Market, and staff. Joe and Kim Mrak of Securitecture, the architectural firm building the new jail addition, provided funds for new furniture in the outpatient office’s community welcome room and artwork throughout the building.

“We want the residents of Okeechobee who may be struggling with mental health issues or have a family member who is struggling to be warmly welcomed to our beautiful healing sanctuary, where quality, compassionate care is available, regardless of a person’s ability to pay for services,” said Debbie Clemons, a board director for New Horizons.

Pastor Matt Bowen and his ministry of dedicated volunteers rolled up their sleeves and helped remove wallpaper, patch walls and apply two coats of pastel hues throughout the clinic. Colors were chosen for their calming effect on clients and staff. Osiel Luviano, a New Horizons board officer, purchased the paint.

“We want those who come to us for services to see that that care begins when they arrive at our property. Together, we can create a healthier community and improve quality of life for everyone,” said New Horizons CEO William Wims.

In 2019, the Altobello Family Donor Advised Fund helped cover the cost of exterior renovations to the building, and Luviano Roofing and Christ Fellowship Saturday Serve landscaped the property with trees, shrubbery and flowers, which helped beautify the whole neighborhood.

Established in 1958, New Horizons is a nonprofit mental health and addiction recovery provider serving approximately 15,000 children and adults across the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee, and an additional 22,000 students K-12 in area schools through drug/alcohol prevention and anti-violence programs.

The outpatient office in Okeechobee offers mental health and addiction recovery therapy, medical treatment, counseling, case management, and classes for children and adults, as well as community services in clients’ homes and a 24-hour mobile response team that delivers immediate care directly to a person in need at no cost.

Inpatient programs are located at the main campus on Midway Road in Fort Pierce, including drug/alcohol detox, 28-day drug/alcohol rehab, adult crisis stabilization, children’s crisis stabilization, and an adult group home.

New Horizons also has a free 24-hour help line operated by mental health professionals who can help answer your questions and dispatch the mobile response team. The number is 772-468-3909.

For more information about programs and services, please visit www.nhtcinc.org or call 772-468-5600. For a tour of one of our locations or sponsorship opportunities, call 772-672-8333.