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Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Phased Out the Net Metering Credit for Roof-Top Solar Panels

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Florida Power and Light Heavily lobbied for House Bill 741

Tallahassee - April 27 2022: Governor Ron DeSantis has vetoed a measure that would have phased out the net metering credit and virtually destroyed the roof top solar panel business in the state.

Net metering allows Florida Power and Light customers to connect their roof-top solar panels to FPL’s electric grid. If your solar cells produce more energy than you need, the excess power is sold back to FPL’s grid as a credit.

Florida Power and Light Heavily lobbied for House Bill 741. They argued that customers without solar arrays are subsidizing the grid-servicing-costs for those with roof top solar panels who are getting net metering credit. The Republican dominated Legislature agreed with FP&L and voted to approve the bill.

However the Governor in his veto message cited the "worst inflation in 40 years" and the "steep increases" that consumers have seen in the price of gas and groceries. "The state of Florida should not contribute to the financial crunch," he wrote.

Ten Bills other bills signed into law:

• CS/HB 375 – Structural Engineering Recognition Program for Professional Engineers

• CS/HB 481 – Temporary Underground Power Panels

• CS/CS/HB 1411 – Floating Solar Facilities

• SB 350 – Procedures for Petitions for Utility Rate Relief

• SB 442 – Powers of Land Authorities

• CS/CS/SB 882 – Inventories of Critical Wetlands

• SB 1186 – Agritourism

• CS/CS/SB 1432 – Vessel Anchoring

• CS/CS/SB 1474 – Online Training for Private Security Officers

• SB 7036 – Lifeline Telecommunications Service