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Mixed Bag on Early Voting Numbers; Tuesday Is the Last Chance to Cast a Mid-Term Ballot

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Treasure Coast - Monday November 7, 2022: Election offices throughout the Treasure Coast are urging last minute voters to head to the polls early Tuesday. The impacts of sub-tropical storm Nicole may be felt as soon as Tuesday afternoon and evening when rains and gusty winds begin to move it.

Fortunately, election officials report that may have already cast early ballots, either by mail or during the in-person early voting period.

Early voting In St. Lucie County ended Sunday at 3 pm, and there were still people in line. Gertrude Walker is the County Supervisor of Elections.

“We’ve had 36,705 people to vote early. And early voting ended at 3 p.m. Sunday. And at 3 p.m. we had people in line at two of the early voting sites which was really rare," said Walker.

Over all however Walker says the early turnout mail in and early voting seems to be a little less than during the last mid-term election. “We had 62% last mid-terms," she said. "So, we’re falling a little shorter, but maybe they’re going to go on election day. I’m hoping.”

Over in Martin County Supervisor of Elections Viki Davis says they have strong early voting turnout.

“Everything I normal. Everything’s been smooth," said Davis. "We had 11 days of early voting and we had a strong turnout for early voting and our numbers continue to increase for voting by mail.”

If you’re still holding on to a mail-in ballot, don’t try and mail it now. Both Walker and Davis urge you can bring it to your nearest polling place before 7 pm Tuesday.

Davis: “Vote by mail ballots have to be received at the office by 7 p.m. when the polls close. All votes have to be in.”

Walker: “So, I wanted to emphasize that. If you haven’t already mailed that ballot please drop it off at one of our offices. And we’ll be here from 7 o’clock in the morning until 7 at night and you can drop off those mail in ballots.”