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DeSantis' Public Safety Czar Testifies at the Andrew Warren Trial

WQCS file

Tallahassee - Thursday December 1, 2022: Testimony continues in Tallahassee in the case of Andrew Warren, the former Tampa prosecutor who is challenging his suspension by Governor Ron DeSantis in August.

On the second day of the trial Wednesday DeSantis' public safety czar Larry Keefe testified that every Sheriff he spoke to criticized Warren's prosecution strategies. But Keefe faced questions for relying on Republican Sheriff's to build his case against Warren, who was twice elected by Tampa area voters.

Keefe discussed Warren with only one known Democrat, Orange County Sheriff John Mina. That prompted a blunt question from trial Judge Robert Hinkle who asked Keefe - "You can't give me the name of a single Democrat you talked to besides the Sheriff of Orange County?"

The tone of Hinkle's question highlights the partisan overtones of the Warren case which has received national attention amidst speculation of a potential DeSantis run for president in 2024.