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Martin County Gets $18M from Florida EPA for Local Water Quality Projects

Martin County - Tuesday February 14, 2023: Martin County will receive $18 million for two high-priority clean water projects that are part of the County’s septic to sewer conversion program, 'Connect to Protect'.

The funds are coming from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Waste Water grants program. Last week the Governor, in Executive Order 23-06, announced the release of $240-million in grants for 36 projects around the state, including Martin County's 'Connect to Protect' project.

The grant funds will enable the County to offset the connection costs which otherwise might have been charged to County residents.

Old Palm City Septic to Sewer Project
Will serve 1,078 homes, reducing over 24,000 pounds of nitrogen and 2,237 pounds of phosphorus annually into the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie River

Coral Gardens Septic to Sewer Project
Will serve 638 homes, reducing over 14,355 pounds of total phosphorous and 1,327 pounds of total nitrogen improving water quality at the South Fork of the St. Lucie River

"Martin County continues to lead the state in water quality efforts due to our Board's priorities and the continued state support for our dynamic septic to sewer conversion program and innovative stormwater projects," said County Administrator Don Donaldson. "And we are grateful to Governor DeSantis and our state legislative delegation who champion efforts to reduce pollution and protect waterways in Martin County and across the state," he continued. Residents can learn more about the County’s water quality efforts that are critical to our community and surrounding areas at:

Martin County’s Connect to Protect program streamlines the connection process while giving residents the opportunity to reduce pollution and help protect our waterways. Residents benefit in other ways too, like not having to deal with septic system-related issues and maintenance costs, as well as having more flexibility in how their property is used. Residents can learn more at:

Learn more, Martin County’s online resource for services, news and information, and connect with us on social media.